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We are passionate about helping kids learn to swim and conquer their fear of the water in just 9 days. 99% of our students learn to swim in just 9 days. We also help swimmers learn to perfect all 4 strokes to get them to be strong swimmers and swim team ready. We encourage and motivate all our students to help lay the foundation of confidence in their life. We motivate kids with encouraging phrases with the “I can do it” “I’m Brave and Strong” attitude.

A Fun And Easy Way to Teach Your Children How To Swim

A Fun And Easy Way to Teach Your Children How To Swim

 In this adventurous how-to swim book, Coach Danielle teaches children and parents the best techniques to use in the water. In the story, two fun characters, Millie the Mermaid and Sammy the Shark, teach the siblings, Emma and Noah, to conquer their fear of the water so they can learn to swim. Who wouldn’t want to learn how to swim, by a talking Mermaid and Shark?

Have fun with your children, when you follow Emma and Noah’s swimming adventure. Practice the fun and applicable words, like ice cream scoops, windmill arms, and dolphin hands, to help your child swim properly. Encourage them to say, “I am brave and strong” and “I can do it,” so your children can use these words to face any of life’s challenges. The book has the knowledge behind the swim lessons and the patented tool will help train their legs properly so they will learn how to swim quicker and more efficiently.

More Than Just a Swimming Lesson

Coach Danielle Bakic, a professional swim instructor of fifteen years, has taught thousands of children to swim. She is passionate about teaching survival, as well as proper technique and strokes. Danielle is firm, yet fun, and specializes in helping children who are terrified of the water. By boosting their confidence and building their trust in her, she helps them overcome their fears, Danielle provides private lessons, so children receive the attention they need. Ninety- nine percent of her students learn to swim across the pool in nine lessons. Her children’s book, My Swim Adventure, has all of her secrets to her success in helping children to swim in the water. Her expertise and knowledge has turned into a fun children’s book that will help children learn to swim. In the back of the book there is a Parental Instruction guide to help the parents be able to assist their child.

Flutt’r Feet

- A Revolutionary Product That Teaches Your Child The Correct Swimming Form.

 Coach Danielle invented this revolutionary product called, Flutt’r Feet, to help children quickly and easily learn how to properly position their legs and knees when swimming. This patented invention promises to greatly reduce the typical learning curve for new swimmers and train the correct muscle memory the first time. This product will be available for purchase soon.

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