99% of our students learn in 9 lessons, but Coach recommends they continue to come either 1 lesson per week or month to keep their skills progressing and fresh. This is for our Private 1:1 classes.

Yes, this book helps so much to instill swimming skills at home so parents can continue to remember and help their child in the bath/pool This book has also helped kids conquer their fear by instilling positivity into their everyday vocabulary.

Private lessns are $65 per person with 1:1.

Semi-private lessons are $45 per class with the lowest ratio in the metroplex of a 2:4, which means each student get more attention and success per class.

Everyone must pay a $100 Registration fee (that includes my book) + my patented tool to help train them to have perfect kicks.

There is a $20 cash discount per child if you pay with cash or check. 100% of the money is due 4 weeks before your lessons start (only relevant if booking in January).

If your child is 3+ and they are content in the water then they can be in a group setting (2:4 ratio). If your child is scared of the water they must be in private lessons. They will thrive quicker in a private setting. If your child is under 3 they must be in private lessons.

Each student is allowed up to 1 makeup class, after that there will be a $25 booking fee.

We coach 18mo+ in private lessons. Under 3 must have private lessons. 3+ can be in group lessons. We do coach Mommy/Daddy & Me classes for babies (Schedule coming soon).

Yes, we love educating and teaching our parents everything so you can help keep your child accountable at home in the bath or pool. If your child is crying we ask you to go hide and return once they are happy. It is a great incentive for kids to be happy so the parents can return and watch.